• June 14, 2021

Utility Warehouse Creates Unprecedented Value for Britons

Utility Warehouse brought bundling to the UK. With this service, end users have been able to consolidate the bills they receive for services like wifi, landlines, cellular phones and even heat. Utility Warehouse brings all of these things under one umbrella, increasing efficiency. 

Managing one bill, rather than several, makes it easier for UW’s customers to handle their finances overall. It saves them time and even money. Utility Warehouse houses everything under one roof. That means there’s shared administrative and support workers across a number of services. Maintaining fewer redundant job classifications result in savings passed on to the customer. It also means that employees are more fulfilled. They know their jobs have real meaning, and that they truly make a difference.

Utility Warehouse was founded in 2002. It’s the brainchild of Telecom Plus PLC, and remains a part of that company today. Over 650,000 people across the United Kingdom use Utility Warehouse to help manage their utilities. This service is delivered through a unique system of UW Partners. They recruit, train and support one another as they go about their business.

The team at Utility Warehouse is 1400 strong. Headquartered in London, Utility Warehouse has its finger on the pulse of British society. This is a company that’s youthful, diverse and optimistic. The services they provide routinely win awards and other recognition. For example, they were named Which? Utilities Brand of the Year in both 2018 and 2020. Utilities Warehouse has a long track record of excellence. They’re poised to continue delivering high quality service for years to come.