• April 9, 2022

 The 2021 Gartner CEO Survey Shifts for CEOs like Mahmoud Khattab

In 2020, the corporate sector was significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. CEOs challenged their resources and energy to address the economic constraints caused by the pandemic. As things begin to normalize, the 2021 Gartner CEO Survey shows that CEOs like Mahmoud Khattab are focusing on new segments for sharp and fast economic recovery. Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of Precision M.D., a cosmetic surgery center in California. CEOs are banking on mass vaccination programs to enhance performance. Nonetheless, despite the optimism resulting from mass vaccination, the COVID-19 pandemic remains the biggest threat to economic recovery in different sectors, such as healthcare.

According to the 2021 Gartner CEO Survey, most CEOs prioritized economic growth by exploring new opportunities. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEOs have focused on staying afloat through cost management, but this will change through getting into new markets. Secondly, the survey suggests that CEOs will focus on getting skilled talent to realize economic growth. The COVID-19 pandemic causes businesses to lay off workers, but this is expected to change in 2021 as the survey named it among the top three priority areas.

Cost management has been a short-term COVID-19 response for CEOs like Mahmoud Khattab, but the survey suggests that the focus is expected to change. Even though cost management is not a priority for most CEOs, it remains an important agenda for COOs and CFOs. Finally, the Gartner Survey lists digital capability investment as a priority area for CEOs. Digital capabilities have overtaken other important areas, such as people and culture, information technology, and product enhancement. The other areas that have dropped in the CEOs’ priority list are property, facilities, and capital equipment because of the hybrid work models. In addition, the survey suggests that CEOs are reluctant in certain areas, such as hiring, marketing, and legal, compliance, and risk management. Learn more about Mahmoud Khattab