• July 6, 2021

Stephen Bittel: Fighting Covid-19 While Revolutionizing Real Estate Sector

The year 2020 brought an avalanche of change to the real estate industry. The pandemic has brought many questions on whether they want a physical office space or more convenient for workers to be virtual. Therefore, commercial rent rates are getting lower, and technology use is skyrocketing. Shopping online also seems safer than going into stores that can get overcrowded with shoppers. Soon, even shopping may become obsolete as we start ordering things through augmented reality glasses.

Florida’s real estate market has contributed to the new economy, even with the rise of the pandemic. There is no doubt that warm weather can be a great advantage for many reasons. However, it was not all good news in this instance, as renovations and innovative solutions helped Florida bounce back from when the first lockdown happened. After new protocols came into place, many changes were bound to happen. Who would have thought that a hotel could be so concerned about outside dining space? Nevertheless, when you think of it, the outdoor eating area is an essential part of every business.

Terranova has been able to stand firm even with the changing times. Terranova has continued its mission of enlarging the community by building Skyyrd Miami to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. Terranova’had the ability to remain stable and keep a steady hand through this pandemic has shown its power during last year’s economic shutdown in Florida. In response to the Pandemic, Stephen saw and created new hope. He came up with new leasing protocols such as pop-up programs helping this city succeed before. They are also adapting to their economy from what happened last year when major companies like Walt Disney World closed down for months because of Hurricane Irma.

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