• September 28, 2021

Roland Dickey Jr Continues A Long Family Tradition Running Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Most families have a favorite restaurant. But Roland Dickey Jr. Net Worth takes the idea to a whole new level with Dickey’s BBQ Pit. The restaurant is a familiar name to a wide range of people who enjoy a good BBQ. But the name means something more to Roland.

He’s the current CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group. And that group is itself the holding company for the Dickey’s BBQ pit franchise brand.

Roland Dickey Jr isn’t the first member of his family to run the restaurant chain either. He’s not even the second. He’s the third member of his family to take care of Dickey’s BBQ pit. The tradition began all the way back in 1941. Roland’s grandfather and grandmother started the first Dickey’s Barbecue Pit by themselves. They proceeded to run it single-handedly for a full twenty-six years. His grandfather ran the BBQ pit while his grandmother made sandwiches and rang up people’s orders.

After Ronald’s grandfather passed his father began to develop some recipes on his own. This turned out to be exactly what the restaurant needed to move from a popular spot for locals to a full franchise. Ronald became CEO in 2006. By that point, the BBQ had grown from a single location owned by his grandparents to a franchise with over 20 locations.

Roland believes the biggest reason for the company’s success comes from its commitment to quality. The BBQ sources and uses the highest quality meat. On top of that, all of the sides live up to that same level of quality. This means that vegetables are fresh and the rolls are homemade rather than purchased frozen from a distributor. Roland Dickey Jr has also ensured the company continues to move forward by investing in its infrastructure.

Roland Dickey Jr has worked for the family business for over a decade. During this time he’s not only grown the franchise as a whole. Roland also managed to make it international. He’s been named in Restaurant Business Magazine’s “Power 20” list in addition to making “Top 500 CEOs” list twice in D Magazine. See related link to learn more.


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