• November 23, 2021

Real estate investor M Patrick Carroll to speak at upcoming BisNow Multifamily Conference: Southeast

M Patrick Carroll understands a lot needs to go in order to own real estate or a home. The experienced real estate professional recommends people invest in multifamily housing because of its flexibility and more affordable living options. It is said to be a good fit for workers across multiple industries. Many real estate developers, investors, and experts like M Patrick Carroll will speak at the BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast, an event that will be held this upcoming November 18 in Atlanta. Experts will speak across a range of topics from market evaluation, design trends, construction safety, and the specifics of multifamily housing. Those who attend will get access to networks and execute business strategies. The BisNow Annual Event likes to show its involvement in the real estate market across 50 markets.

M Patrick Carroll, a successful real estate investor, and developer who runs his own firm called CARROLL in Atlanta, will be presenting on the Southeast market outlook at the event. This is not the first time he has spoken for BisNow as he spoke at another one of their events in Miami just this past summer in July. During that event, he spoke about the intricacies of the multifamily housing market growth. Many consumers have looked to move to the suburbs for more affordable housing with access to nearby stores and job opportunities. Some singled out factors that have attributed to this shift include remote work and the desire to live a lifestyle with freedom. Many employees want stable wi-fi to be able to work effectively from home and need the infrastructure. People have also taken to purchasing homes with the adequate space needed to build a home office. People have also grown interested in living a lifestyle with the freedom to choose when to relax and set aside time to enjoy the outdoors. As outlined, all of these factors have attributed to the appeal for multifamily community choices.

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