• September 3, 2021

QNET In The Limelight After Offering Self-Employment Opportunities To The Majority Of People During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Have you ever asked yourself where all this money in circulation comes from? How a single business can be a source of livelihood to so many people? Well, I bet you don’t know but let me enlighten you. Traction is the answer to all these frequently asked questions. Traction creates a way that enables things to start moving creating a ripple effect and later numerous ripple effects. It has been established that an economy runs on two main pillars, commerce and business. For people to take home a significant share of money there has to be a continuous outflow and inflow of cash. QNET is one company that is committed to seeing the economy thrive.

QNET Ltd, formerly called GoldQuest, GoldMedal, and QI Limited, is now a multi-level marketing company owned by the QI Group, a well-known Chinese investment firm. The company’s products are health, energy, nutrition, beauty, home care, and fashion accessories available on an online e-commerce site.

Direct selling has been credited with the significant growth of various economies. The concept behind direct selling is inconceivable as it entails creating magnificent opportunities for a few people but later multiplies these opportunities to accommodate more people. It has been established that direct selling has steered the magnificent growth of businesses. This is because goods can reach customers at subsidized cost as it focuses on eliminating the middlemen. The goods are manufactured and directly sold to the customers at Maximum Retail Price (MRP). This concept has been known to increase the demand for various products.

The future of direct selling in India is unfathomable. According to a report published by both KPMG and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FCCI), by the year 2025, the industry is estimated to have grown to INR 64,500 Crore. QNET India has been in the lead in employing a significant number of direct sellers. QNET has been credited with maintaining India’s steady economic growth. In the year 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the majority of countries, the majority of people sought opportunities as direct sellers. This was after the majority of people lost their prestigious jobs and sought self-employment. Refer to this video on YouTube, for related information.


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