• August 13, 2021

PosiGen’s Cost-Effective Solar Energy; The Number One Solution for Your Energy Needs.

Solar power is mainly becoming a preferred solution for the growing energy needs globally. PosiGen, a leading provider in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, has innovatively tapped into the market gap to fill the niche and provide solar energy. Based in New Orleans, LA, the solar power company has committed to making the world a better place to live in by empowering communities with solar energy solutions that are easily accessible and affordable, enabling homeowners to cut on their utility bills. PosiGen facilitates free installation, maintenance and monitoring services to its customers. PosiGen’s solar energy solutions are flexible. The company gives its customers the option to lease or purchase solar power, ensuring indiscriminate access to diverse communities regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.


PosiGen allows homeowners to generate their solar power within their premises. It oversees the process from the design, access to permits and approvals, installation, inspection and activation of the solar energy generating system for customers under the purchase program. However, customers that power their homes with solar panels can source supplementary energy from PosiGen solar power company´s primary grid to meet their energy needs. In addition, homeowners can deliver excess energy generated from their panels to the company’s grid in exchange for credits redeemable as free electricity in the future (Techbullion).


PosiGen’s energy leasing program has attracted over 12,000 homeowners since the company’s inception. Under the leasing program, customers are granted access to electricity from PosiGen’s primary grid with no minimum credit requirement. One-directional kilowatt meters are fitted in their homes to measure the amount of energy consumed and the amount due. The company also gives back to its customers through free home energy improvements. PosiGen conducts energy audits to assess points of air leaks and energy loss in homes. It also undertakes cost-effective energy-efficient upgrades, significantly reducing energy loss which lowers the energy bills for homeowners. Over the years, the company has left a lasting impact on the communities it serves and currently prides itself on providing employment opportunities to people of color and women, who account for over 65% of its employees. Through its technology, PosiGen has impacted the environment positively and has created cleaner and safer neighborhoods.