• September 3, 2021

Pam Baer’s Calling To Serve

Pamela Baer is a highly esteemed leader, thanks to her innovative approach to philanthropy. She is based in San Francisco where she does business, and lives with her husband, Larry Baer the CEO for Giants. Her major focus is on healthcare, and advocating for the rights of the needy in the society, especially women.

Pam Baer is a Lifetime Managing Director for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation where she presently serves the Giants Community Fund’s board. She also serves as the Family House’s Advisory Board member as well as the Board member for the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle. Pam is also the founder of Goodness Sake, a mobile store that specializes in donating a big part of its revenue to non-profit organizations.

Pam Baer works in the global NGO, Every Mother Counts, and Nest, a non-profit organization that that aims at improving the wellbeing of women, and at the same time preserving the important cultural practices globally. She is also involved in running many other educational and public health organizations including the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Before moving to New York City, Pam Baer graduated with a degree in Marketing and finance from Austin’s University of Texas. After gaining experience in the field of marketing, and finance, Pam developed her own approach of doing business in a way that benefits the society.

Pam Baer’s involvement in selfless activities in San Francisco has uniquely demonstrated her aptitude in engaging people to participate in various initiatives. Most of these activities often raise funds to support community-building projects. With the support of Larry Baer, her husband and father of her four children, she spearheads many non-profit organizations that backs her greatest interests of making sacrifices to put smiles on the faces of others. Pam had the calling of philanthropy from a very tender age, but when her young son’s health was fully restored at the San Francisco Hospital after suffering an accident, health for the vulnerable became her ultimate mission. Pam has been serving as the Hospital’s first life time Director of the Board from 2018, and so far, she has raised more than 250 million US Dollars. Visit this page for related information.


Additional information about Pam Baer can be found on https://www.pinterest.com/pin/250442429265602047/