• September 10, 2021

Inspirational Career Of Greg Blatt

Talking about himself as a modern CEO, philanthropist, and counsellor, the former chairman and CEO of The Match Group, Greg Blatt gives vital insights regarding leadership, most of which he draws from his successful career as a top-level executive.

Greg is an American native with a massive interest in business and leadership, although it was not his outright calling in his career journey. He first graduated with an English degree without knowing that he’d not actualize the dream of being a language instructor or advisor.

After graduating, Greg Blatt worked in various roles and responsibilities, aiming to only support himself before having a clear career path. Eventually, he did not pursue English but rejoined college to study law at Columbia law school. Greg terms this as his best decision since it opened opportunities for a successful career.

After graduating, he landed several jobs, learning essential skills in the field and having a critical mind to approach issues constructively. After working as a lawyer for a while, he shifted into entertainment law and eventually landed a senior position as a general counsel for Martha Stewart. By trusting his skills and decision-making, a critical trait he acquired at law school, Greg earned his first position at IAC in a similar capacity to his previous post.

Greg Blatt worked at IAC for several years under the guidance of the then CEO Barry Diller. Its size and capacity allowed him to acquire vital leadership skills, which opened a new path to acting as the new CEO for Match.com, an IAC subsidiary. His visionary leadership propelled Match.com forward despite picking it at its difficult moment. Besides Match.com, Greg eventually worked as CEO for IAC. He advises people that having a tight schedule obstructs critical thinking and dynamism, essential for any business success, in addition to ensuring open communication.

Greg Blatt is the former CEO for IAC and its subsidiary companies Match and Tinder. Besides, he has worked at the holding company in different capacities, including a general counsel. His first step at top leadership was at Match.com, where he overturned its poor performance into a leading dating site. Refer to this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


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