• April 8, 2022

How Thomas Neyhart United His Employees Under One Mission

PosiGen, under the leadership of PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, has developed a unique and inspiring company culture that puts the needs of the customer before anything else. The serial entrepreneur has vast experience managing large teams, which proved handy when he came to PosiGen. First, he was the COO of Utica Rentals, a retail chain with over 160 employees. 


Afterward, he became a partner in a firm that worked with more than 2,500 construction professionals, connecting them with various work opportunities. The most impressive thing about Thomas Neyhart when leading the solar power company is his ability to unify his teams under one purpose and mission. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart explains how the firm is a solar energy and energy efficiency provider company.


It was founded to primarily serve the low-to-middle income families struggling to get back on their feet after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. As PosiGen CEO informs, most of them couldn’t afford the sophisticated home upgrades to keep them safe and protected. Touched with compassion for them, PosiGen got to work. 


The solar power company’s mission is now to help families save money every year on energy bills. Thomas Neyhart and his team have consistently provided affordable solar and energy efficiency solutions to this particular group of people (Prnewswire).


 Neyhart has successfully united each team member in embracing the value of giving back to society, even if it may not be the most financially convenient thing to do. For example, PosiGen will not install a solar panel in your home if calculations prove that you will not be saving any money in the long run. Moreover, PosiGen CEO finally adds, after you qualify to have your solar panel installed, you enjoy free installation and home efficiency improvements.