• May 23, 2021


Haroldo Jacobovicz is the co-owner of two renowned telecommunication firms in Brazil. He has been very instrumental in establishing Horizons Data Center. Also, Haroldo Jacobovicz is the man behind the establishment of the e-Govern group. He has managed to steer these companies to tremendous success due to his knowhow on technology.

Through his multiple telecoms and communication companies Haroldo Jacobovicz has managed to bring to the world numerous and efficient transformational technologies. He possesses a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and was able to discern that it can be transformed by technology from quite a tender age.

His steps in the business field have been gradual and precise; he managed to start a company with his friends while still in college – Microsystem in 1982 and worked for other companies like Esso. The gradual and precise made him garner the much-needed experience in entrepreneurship that made him too quickly rise through the ranks at the various companies he worked for. Eight years after starting the Microsystems, Haroldo Jacobovicz lounged the e-Governe and later the Horizon Telecoms and Horizon Datacenter in 2010 and 2020 respectively.

The success of Horizons Telecom company is attributed to Haroldo’s commitment and dedication to work. He embraced in partnership and teamwork. He also adds that quality in service offering is another factor that made the company flourish. These companies have well and deservedly impacted the lives of Brazilian citizens, his compatriots. He derived his inspirations from his parents, both civil engineers but more specifically his mother Sartita, who was one of the first female civil engineer in Brazil.

It inspired him to also study civil engineering, a course he took in the University of Panama. Ever since his tender years, he believed in being committed to serve as the avenue to success. Evidently, his businesses have rapidly expanded with the acquisition of Panda an internet service provider by Horizon Telecoms that accelerated the launch of Horizon Datacenter in 2020.