• May 27, 2022

Gino Pozzo And His Contribution To Football Clubs

Gino Pozzo is the owner of Watford Football Club, England. He has changed lower-ranking football clubs and taken them to top-flight leagues, making Gino Pozzo as one of the most known and talked-about people in the European sports scene.

Gino Pozzo’s parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, are also passionate about football. The Pozzo family has global recognition for their football passion, which started after Gianpaolo Pozzo purchased the Udinese club in 1986. Under Gianpaolo’s leadership, the club moved from Serie B to playing in the Champions League in only three seasons.

Gino Pozzo moved to the US at 18 years, joined Harvard University, and graduated with a Master’s degree. He later relocated to Barcelona, Spain, where he spent 20 years, and relocated to London in 2013 for direct involvement in his newly-acquired football club.

Since Gino got experience leading football clubs from a young age, the experience has made him the most forward-thinking club owner in Europe. Gino Pozzo and his family bought Watford Football Club in 2012, when it was heavily indebted and struggling to play beyond the fourth division. The family plans to have Watford as their long-term project because they see so much potential.

Gino says that he has always loved English football, even though it is a different experience from his previous clubs. Their Watford acquisition makes them the first family to buy three football clubs simultaneously in Spain, Italy, and England.

After being under the Pozzo family leadership for four years, Watford rose from the fourth division into the English Premier League.

After seeing the success, Gino sold most of his Granada F.C shares to Jiang Lizhang, the Link International Sports owner, in 2016 for €37 million. While Watford has had eight different coaches since the Pozzo family took ownership, its upward trend says a lot about their leadership. Refer to this page for related information.


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