• June 24, 2021

Eric Lefkofsky Introduces TEMPUS ONE

Since its inception in 2015, Tempus, under the able guidance of Eric Lefkofsky, has been a top company in AI diagnostics. Through consistent research, finally, the company has introduced a technology suitable for oncologists. The technology is known as TEMPUS ONE currently led by Eric Lefkofsky. The technology contains some outstanding features, with the most remarkable being that it is voice-enabled and portable. Through the device, oncologists now have a chance to access patient data wherever they are. 


Through TEMPUS ONE, Eric Lefkofsky shows the relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine. Further, this technology is a great breakthrough for the company because it has been working on it since it was founded in 2015. The TEMPUS ONE technology combines a wide range of data within Tempus into a single device (Siliconprairenews). 


As a result, physicians using the technology can now make real-time and informed decisions when treating a patient all around the world. Further through the technology, physicians now have a chance to have access to Tempus resources. Generally, Eric Lefkofsky explained, the technology is interactive, therefore allowing physicians and members of their team to ask questions that can be used to improve TEMPUS ONE further. 

The major role of Tempus is to apply the futuristic technology AI into healthcare. The company led by Eric Lefkofsky holds a vast library of data, both molecular and clinical. Further, this medical data is easy to access because of the company’s operating system. Through Tempus, physicians now can base a majority of their decisions on data. As a result, decisions on patient prescriptions have become fast, especially on life-threatening conditions like cancer.