• May 19, 2021

Eric Lefkofsky Announces Tempus Raises $200 Million

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus and one of its co-founders. His company, based in Chicago, helps doctors deliver personalized medicine to their patients. Tempus initially focused on cancer, but has since explored other diseases its technology can help with. According to Eric Lefkofsky, these include cancer, mental health, cardiology and other deadly diseases.

In December, Eric Lefkfosky announced the results of Tempus’ latest funding round. Its series G-2 round raised $200 million from investors. The money that was raised brought the value of Tempus Firm up to $8.1 billion. Eric Lefkofsky said his company is trying to disrupt the healthcare industry, which is immense. He always knew it would take many resources to accomplish this.

There were several investors in the round, both old and new. They included Novo Holdings, Google, Baillie Gifford, T. Rowe Price and Franklin Templeton. Lefkofsky has invested millions of his own money in the company. Recently, Eric Lefkofsky invested more during this latest funding round. With Google becoming an investor, Tempus will store anonymous patient data on its cloud service. Robert Sanchez is a senior partner of Novo Holdings. He said he and his company are interested in investing in companies like Tempus that are trying to solve important problems. He sees Tempus as the exact type of businesses his firm looks to support.

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