• March 14, 2022

Dr Barry Lall Journey to Glory

Dr Barry Lall was well raised by his parents, who are a philanthropist. They gained their success by working hard and being committed to their business. The father was once a teacher and a seller who ensured his family was well fed and cared for. They managed to take Lall to the best schools, including the University of England, where he achieved his visions. He worked as a doctor for some time before deciding to venture into business and explore more.

Dr Barry Lall considers the American dream as one that needs hard work and passion for a person to attain success. He believes in risk-taking and making sacrifices, like how he left medicine to venture into the hospitality industry. Before starting his first business, Barry worked as a toilet cleaner and other works as he continued to think of business ideas to put into action. He got support from his family, who were scared at first but appreciated his effort of being an entrepreneur. He then took a loan that helped him buy land and opened his first successful hotel. His company now provides employment to many people, which is also a way of giving back to society. Barry considers excellent skills in management as the best way to run a successful business.

Dr Barry Lall is an ambitious businessman with interest in the hospitality industry. He is also the president of the Pinnacle Hotel based in the USA. Barry is a well-learned person who holds several degrees. He studied medicine at the University of Glasgow, where he graduated with a bachelor’s. His interest in hospitality has made him a successful man with a great portfolio. In 1982 he started his first hotel business, contributing to his skills and knowledge in hospitality. Barry is known throughout the United States due to his excellent management in various hotels.

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