• June 3, 2022

Why Robert Kraft is successful in business

Robert Kraft is a renowned serial entrepreneur and a community leader, and he has done so much in his professional and personal life. The Brookline native, unlike most successful professionals, attended public schools for his early education. When it was time to attend college, the entrepreneur got a chance to study at the popular Columbia…

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Pam Baer: Nest Company And Artistic Force

Pam Baer is a designer and artist who was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Fine Arts. Her time at RISD allowed her to explore different mediums such as metalsmithing, jewelry design, painting, drawing and watercolor. In 1990 she founded Nest…

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Pam Baer’s Calling To Serve

Pamela Baer is a highly esteemed leader, thanks to her innovative approach to philanthropy. She is based in San Francisco where she does business, and lives with her husband, Larry Baer the CEO for Giants. Her major focus is on healthcare, and advocating for the rights of the needy in the society, especially women. Pam…

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