• October 19, 2021

Andrew Lazarus Purchases Beach Hotel Merewether

Andrew Lazarus acquired a luxurious pub in Newcastle.

Lazarus, a Sydney hotelier, purchased the Beach Hotel Merewether.

However, the amount of money used to buy the iconic pub was not disclosed.

The Twohill and Bale families owned the famous venue at 99 Fredrick St for 30 years.

The Lazarus family has also operated and owned hospital venues.

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The Easter Hotels Group has portfolio assets such as Shoal Bay County Club, Eastern in Bondi Junction, El Toro Hotel & Motor Inn, The Vauxhall Inn, and the Warwick Farm.

Peter Lazarus, who is the director of Eastern Hotels Group, will manage the daily activities of the beach hotel.

The Lazarus family stated that they are considering refurbishment, and they will take time to engage with the architects and the community before making the decision.

John Twohill, the pub owner who has run the pub for 20 years, said he had mixed emotions before selling the pub.

The Beach Hotel Merewether is an iconic coastal venue in Newcastle.

The pub features. Since mid-1970, the pub has been owned by different members of the Twohill and Bale families. The two families have shared ownership of the pub.

The two families sold the beach hotel Merewether for the first time in 40 years.

Deane Moore led the campaign for selling the pub in collaboration with knight Frank’s Mike Wheatley.

Andrew Lazarus stated that the iconic hotel location was the main reason for its demand.

The hotel was the only pub at a beachside in Newcastle.

Lazarus also owns other hotels, including the Shoal Bay Country Club and Hamilton’s Exchange Hotel.

The beach hotel is situated in a location where one can view Merewether beach.

The hotel’s offering includes a gaming room, TAB, bistro, main bar, and other areas.

The hotel was renovated in 2016.

The Eastern Hotels Group will take over the operations of the beach hotel officially in 2020.

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