• February 2, 2022

Andrew Frame, Founder Of Citizen App

Andrew Frame was born and brought up in Vegas, United States. He is the founder of a mobile app called Citizen, which he created in 2017. This app is mainly used in the U.S. to know the location of people and events, and therefore it is helpful in the police and intelligence sector. Andrew Frame began his work on network infrastructure at 15 years old. Initially, he worked at Cisco Systems as an engineering staff in 1997 and later in 2004 founded Ooma Ltd, a media company.

When interviewed, he said that he came up with Citizen App to enhance security which is achieved due to fast connectivity and ease of use. He also said that he wanted to do something global and therefore came with the app. He was quoted saying that there are so many smartphones in use in the modern world, and consequently, the app would have many users.

Andrew Frame also talked about his daily routine, whereby his day is always busy in the mornings. He said he makes sure that he follows his training, including exercising, watching the news, and thinking about new ideas and products.

His ideas mostly come from literature, poems, short movies, and, most importantly, his team of employees. Andrew Frame emphasized the importance of sharing ideas with a team that comes up with something useful in the long run. He said he encourages his employees to engage in co-curricular activities of their choice in their free time to relax their minds.

Andrew Frame, when asked how his business grows, he answered and said that his company focuses mainly on customer feedback. Users are also invited to join meetings online, and he engages with them live on how to improve the app. This exercise has led to the growth of Citizen’s top features. See this page for additional information.


Learn more about Frame on https://theorg.com/org/citizen/org-chart/andrew-frame