• April 12, 2022

About Gordonstoun School and its Incredible Students

You likely have come across the name Gordonstoun School more than a couple of times in the media.

Recently, it made the news after the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, when it shared insights into the young life of the beloved royal.

Here is what to know about Gordonstoun School and its incredible students.

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The Home of Excellence

For more than a century, this education institution in Scotland has been recognized as the home of excellence.

It has been a coveted school among parents who want to give their children the best comprehensive education to create them a bright future.

The school has earned this reputation because its curriculum does not just focus on making the students successful academically, but also on teaching them the life skills that they would need to become notable individuals in the future.

Currently, about 550 students are enrolled at Gordonstoun School across its prep school, junior department, and senior department.

It accepts students from age four to eighteen, most of whom are boarders, and the rest are day scholars.

The institution encourages its pupils to become leaders and take part in community-uplifting projects like cleaning the beach.

In addition to this, the students are also encouraged to participate in sports where they can learn discipline and teamwork.

Incredible Students

Besides the Duke of Edinburgh, numerous other incredible students have been at Gordonstoun School.

One of the students’ names that have hit the headlines recently is Scarlett Sykes.

Not so long ago, she decided to become a patron for fighting brain tumors.

She organized a running event and Facebook campaign to raise money to fund research into brain tumors.

Her event and campaigns raised over 3000 pounds that she generously donated to Brain Tumor Research.

Scarlett Sykes joined Gordonstoun School in 2019 after getting a scholarship.

She had lost her beloved stepfather to brain tumors in 2017 at age fifteen.

Learn more about Gordonstoun: https://www.roundsquare.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Gordonstoun.pdf