• November 15, 2021

Abdulla Al Humaidi in KEH

Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi currently holds the position of CEO of KEH, which was established in 2008. Before joining the KEH, he led other companies as acting CEO, executive chairman, and vice-chairman of many Saudi Arabia and Kuwait companies. In addition, Abdulla Al Humaidi contributed much to the investment strategy where he ensured they got listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange, Remal, and Al Mudon.


Abdulla Al Humaidi led investments in these industries in hotel and leisure, medical in several countries, including Egypt, the UK, and Kuwait. He studied medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, where his studies took even years before getting much involvement in KEH. KEH, which stands for Kuwait European Holding Group, was established by Al Humid Family to hold international assets. 


It was established with great ambition where the company has excellent assets ranging in real estate, financial services, and leisure sectors. KEH was established in 2008 by the Kuwait family, which has an excellent record in investing and construction in the Middle East and European Countries. Led by Abdulla Al Humaidi, the KEH group has offices distributed in Dubai, London, Kuwait, Cairo, Dublin, and Hong Kong. 

All the offices work with huge success and closely with their sister company in Kuwait, known as Integrated Financial Services Group. Up to now, Kuwaiti European Holding has set a high caliber in the strategic investments where they select portfolio in all their handpicks the market trends. For Abdulla AL Humaidi, the aim of doing so helps the company much in getting strong returns to all their shareholders thus making the communities get proper investments.