• August 12, 2022

3 Ways Franci Neely Gives Back After Her Career in Law

Giving back is important, and Franci Neely knows that her time is valuable.

Practicing law is a demanding career, and many successful attorneys find ways to give back to the community during their tenure as well as once they reach retirement.

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While some are content with being average in their careers, Franci Neely was not one of those individuals.

What prompted her to pursue other avenues once her career came to a close?

More than two decades of her life were spent working with the firm Susman Godfrey LLP.

Her time is now dedicated to working with various non-profit organizations.

Today, Franci Neely can be found taking part in the Art of Islamic Worlds, and she is also on the board of Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

The arts may appear to not be a way of giving back, but working with diverse groups is a way for Franci Neely to make a deeper connection with other people.

One of the primary contributing factors to her passion for working with diverse groups is her love of travel.

It’s those experiences that aid in broadening her horizons and they also allow her to learn from others.

Outside of her passion for law and giving back within the diverse arts community, Franci Neely loves to start her morning with a cup of joe and she’s passionate about getting moving on projects.

Her mentors taught her early on in her career that it’s best to put out quality work, and to do so it’s best not to waste time.

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