• August 4, 2022

Who is Katelyn Berry?

Katelyn Berry may not be a household name, but this woman has gone on to do many amazing things via insight-driven business strategy. She’s the vice president at Michelin by heading the brand’s business-to-consumer portfolio. This woman is also a marketing executive that has a track record of success. Katelyn Berry has worked closely with brands such as Amazon, Target, and Conagra by delivering successful business models.

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This is 15 years of business success. Scaling Amazon Basics to the top position at Amazon.com is just one of her victories. Berry has achieved these results by also leading the company’s marketing department. In addition to that, she has been able to successfully launch four new brands to the public. Katelyn Berry has also helped Orville Redenbacher and Act II return to their iconic positions.

“I focus on vision and business tactics,” said Berry. Having support and bringing her ideas into fruition is the main goal. She knows that sustainability is vital for most consumers. Berry attained her B.S. in Marketing at DePaul University, and she returned in 2010 to obtain her MBA. Her work also spans over into the LGBTQ sector.