• January 13, 2022

What Simon Denyer Says About The Tokyo Olympics

Although the Olympics in Tokyo have come and gone, it’s been an interesting talk about who had to pick up the tab, and how it was all handled considering attendance was not permitted in nearly every event. The strangest of all events was truly the Olympics of this past summer, and Simon Denyer caught a lot of the conversation about what people were doing and why.

One of the most notable events was Thomas Bach, the president of the Olympics committee in Tokyo strolling around the streets just after the Olympics were over. It seems as though nothing had happened, but the real issue was that Japanese tax payers were stuck paying for an event that they couldn’t event see with their own eyes.

The reason he was being targeted is because the health risk was heavy there, and it was almost as if Thomas Bach wasn’t aware of a public health issue. Letting a lot of individuals come into Tokyo considering the happenings of COVID-19 was huge. This is exactly what Simon Denyer was looking into when he took on this story.

Consider that the Tokyo Olympics was just over $15 billion or more. That’s a lot of money to throw at a long-time popular event that occurs around the world and is hailed as one of the greatest sporting events ever.

Simon Denyer was after the story to get the details on whether or not the risk was being heeded, and what next steps were for Japan. Was there any risk after it was over? What if there was a spike in illness despite folks being in close quarters for some events?

The Washington Post got its hands on the information and made sure it went to press. Making people aware of what is going on in the world is the right thing to do. Washington Post is one of the highest rated press outlets in the world.

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