• September 24, 2021

UK Government Grants £2.7m To ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia Inc, an innovative technology company on the cutting-edge of environmental sustainability, has announced a partnership with Starburst Group to develop biofuels specifically for jet engines. This follows an unprecedented £2.7m grant from the UK Government, awarded exclusively to ZeroAvia. ZeroAvia CEO and co-founder David Laffoley stated that “the development of sustainable aviation fuel is critical to help reduce CO2 emissions in the air transport industry” (Pitchbook). 




With aviation being responsible for approximately 2% of global human-made carbon dioxide emissions, it’s certainly at risk if left unchecked. So innovative new research projects are essential. Of course, this £2.7m isn’t just about cutting costs — it’s also about creating jobs! While the aviation company is currently based in San Diego, California, it has decided to move all research and development into its UK subsidiary. Thanks to this new grant, ZeroAvia will be hiring 15 high-tech employees across several job sectors, including R&D engineering and chemistry. “These talented individuals are already making significant progress with advanced test fuels that can power a typical aircraft,” says Laffoley. In addition, Starburst’s internationally recognized CEO Nigel Gooding had this to say: 


“This partnership marks a step change for air travel – not only will it accelerate the rate at which carbon neutral sustainable jet fuel is developed but it will also open up new career opportunities for many young engineers.” ZeroAvia’s work on bio-fuel doesn’t stop with jet engines, however. As part of its mission to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in air transport, the company is also working on a project that would use biofuel to power propeller aircraft. Laffoley from ZeroAvia believes “the best way for aviation to achieve CO2-neutral growth is through incremental but simultaneous improvements across all sectors.” Finally, David Laffoley from ZeroAvia, had this to say: “We’re very excited about the future of sustainable aviation and power generation. Starburst Group has a fantastic track record in developing new technologies such as hydrocarbon fueled generators so we feel they are an ideal partner to help us develop the next generation of green fuel.”


Techcrunch reviews on ZeroAvia aviation company https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/16/zeroavias-hydrogen-powered-vision-for-aviation-nets-21-4-million-from-amazon-shell-and-bill-gates-backed-fund/