• June 16, 2021

Stephen Bittel’s Counsel to Entrepreneurs

With a father and grandfather lawyer, Stephen Bittel’s fate of becoming a lawyer in the future was sealed. That’s why after Bowdoin College and one year of studies abroad, Stephen Bittel joined the University of Miami for a law degree. He was confident beyond the human conviction that he was destined to be a lawyer. However, tables turned when Bittel took a full-time job in a real estate firm. At the firm, Bittel developed a love for real estate, and as a second-year law student at the University of Miami, he established Terranova.

Stephen Bittel established Terranova in 1980 at his home office. The company has diversified in multiple real estate opportunities. Terranova is one of the top-most real estate firms in Florida and has over $1 billion worth of assets. Currently, Terranova, under the leadership of Stephen, is developing their Lincoln Road Miami Beach portfolio. They have another retail portfolio, Miracle Mile Coral Gables. The company prides itself on designing and producing retail portfolios that offer carwash, gas stations, and stores every year.

According to Bittel, an entrepreneur can remain successful through having an unrelenting drive and exercising integrity and empathy. A leader is responsible for defining the vision of the company. It’s through an entrepreneur’s dream that a company is established. Therefore, every entrepreneur must explain principles governing their vision and develop stick-abilities. Adhering to the set principles sets an excellent example to your employees and the people you are leading.

Empathy allows you to understand other people and their perceptions. Finally, an entrepreneur must understand that unique trait that drives them. The business world is full of adversities and challenging times. However, the determination of an entrepreneur defines how progressive the company grows. Stephen Bittel is the founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation, established the firm in 1980. He is a visionary with a futuristic perspective. It’s through his grit and determination that Terranova Corporation has grown to its capacity and more