• August 24, 2022

Ron Gutman and The Intrivo Ukraine Mission Project

Co-owner of Intrivo, Ron Gutman, knew the urgent need for COVID supplies in the war-torn country of Ukraine. He and his team packed $1 million in COVID test kits and computer hardware and headed to the country. Healthcare expert Gutman and his team presented the kits and hardware to various doctors and hospitals in the country. 


The hardware can help identify cases of COVID much quicker, enabling faster isolation to reduce the spread of the virus. Ukraine needs help more than ever now that Russia invaded the country. Ron Gutman points out that, as refugees flee from war-stricken areas, COVID cases continue to rise. 


Hospitals are filled to capacity, Ron Gutman recalls all around the world. Doctors and medical staff face the same war risks as their patients. Even one doctor out of work during a 10-day isolation period is detrimental in Ukraine right now. 


Healthcare expert Ron Gutman and his team made a huge impact on the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and in the hearts of Ukrainians throughout the country (Glassdoor).


Giving back has always been in Gutman’s heart. He’s led and contributed to the development of numerous tech and health companies, in turn helping hundreds of millions of people and saving countless lives. Healthcare expert Ron Gutman hopes his Ukraine mission trip provided peace of mind and some relief where it was so greatly needed.