• November 2, 2021

Richard Liu’s Detailed Profile

Richard Liu founded JD.com in 2004 and has been the CEO and chairperson for almost two decades. Richard Liu’s home village is called Chang’an, and it is found in Suqian city within the vast Jiangsu province. The village was devoid of modern facilities like clean drinking water as well as electricity even though Richard’s parents descended from rich Chinese families who dominated the trade industry along R. Yangtze in the early 20th century.

However, the merchants had lost their wealth by the time Richard was born and were now working on rice farms. Therefore, as his parents embarked on rice farming daily, he stayed back at home looking after his aging grandmother. She equipped him with several survival tactics such that Liu maximized on whatever small he was given.

Richard Liu learned how to prepare meals with the few items they had. Mostly, he made meals using corn or even sweet potato. Regularly, the two went to the farmers’ co-op to acquire pork from the meat vendor in exchange for some peanuts.

This way, they got cooking fat after preparing the meals. The residual fat could be used to cook for approximately a year. Richard Liu’s genius nature was spotted when he came up with a way of separating the fat from the cooking pan.

However, his knowledge scope was curtailed by his impoverished lifestyle, but he always remained ambitious, hopeful, and vigilant. The many pork racks hanging at the village head’s house made him admire the position at some point in life because he could have shared it with the whole community.

Therefore, a majority of Liu’s childhood was spent satisfying his curiosity because his knowledge base growth was proportional to his aspirations. During his primary school day, Richard Liu lead some of his classmates on a tour to a nearby town to see a government building that had electricity.

Learn more about Richard: http://richardliu.wikidot.com/