• June 24, 2022

Richard Liu Early Life

Richard Liu is the chairman and founder of JD.com. He was born in China in a village known as Chang’an. The region had no modern amenities like electricity and piped water, but his parents were from a wealthy family who conveyed products along the Yangtze River in 1900.

However, by the time Liu was born, his parents had lost everything and worked as rice farmers. Liu cared for his maternal grandmother as his parents went to the farms, and she taught him how to create the most from what was offered. Liu Qiangdong assisted her prepare meals using whatever was available, and they were able to make simple dishes. Liu would at times go to the farmer’s corporation with his grandmother to buy pork that would be used to produce fat for cooking other meals.

Liu Qiangdong started innovation skills at a young age when he told his grandmother they could use hot water to separate the mixture of fat and soup. After completing his primary education, Liu dreamed of traveling around the world and visiting places such as Paris or New York. He applied to colleges in large cities and was accepted to Renmin university due to his excellent marks. His parents could not afford his ticket, forcing the whole village to contribute. He pursued a degree in sociology and started teaching himself about computer programming. During his study, he saved money to buy a computer and mobile phone and built his parents a new home.

Richard Liu, despite being successful, has had his share of failures. Liu enrolled in the China Europe international school and completed the EMBA program. Refer to this page for related information.

Qiangdong pursued his entrepreneurial desires starting at Jingdong, a store that engaged in the supply of Magneto-optical items. JD.com obtains goods form from suppliers and resells them to shoppers. The company has developed into the country’s large online direct sales.


Learn more about Liu Qiangdong on https://ir.jd.com/liu-qiangdong-jd-ceo-about