• June 30, 2021

M. Patrick Carroll’s CARROLL Thrives Through Strategic Partnerships Article Text:

Michael Patrick Carroll is a renowned entrepreneur and a business leader in the real estate industry. The real estate guru is the CEO of CARROLL real estate company. In his tenure, M. Patrick Carroll has propelled the success of the company through his strategic leadership. Through his salesmanship and the ability to identify unique investment opportunities, Carroll has forged beneficial strategic partnerships with result-oriented and progressive thinking firms that have impelled the growth of CARROLL and enabled it to gain a competitive edge within the industry.

With Michael at the helm, CARROLL initiated a collaboration with the LCOR company. This signature partnership has seeded mutual benefits for the real estate investment firms and progressed revenue maximization. CARROLL and LCOR’s business model focuses on recapitalization, development, and acquisition. Through the merger, the two companies have heightened their negotiation and acquisition power. The two companies have partnered and taken up multiple projects in the coveted Sunbelt region, such as the $200 million business deal of ARIUM Morgan Falls and Tortuga Pointe by ARIUM.

Since its inception, CARROLL under M. Patrick Carroll has been widely recognized for its adeptness in managing property and has primarily specialized in multifamily units. Michael Patrick Carroll is a stickler for hard work and perfection. These attributes have enabled the real estate entrepreneur to source for strategic, talented experts with the ability to deliver beyond expectation. He asserts that the merger between CARROLL and LCOR has thrived due to strong leadership and complementary expertise.

Michael Patrick Carroll has built a formidable brand at the Atlanta-based CARROLL and progressed its geographical presence to multiple states in the US. With over a decade in the business, CARROLL has over 30,000 units under its management and sold assets worth over $11.7 billion. Besides the multifamily units, the native of Tampa, M. Patrick Carroll also invests in single-family residences and student housing.

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