• August 30, 2022

Josh Garza of Secret Machines shows his love for idol John Bonham

The band Secret Machines has just released another album, this one being self-titled.

This has caused more people to get to hear the work of drummer Josh Garza, which gets more people where they have heard his style before.

He is an acolyte of the late John Bonham, the drummer for Led Zeppelin, who passed away at the age of 32 because of an accident.

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This does not mean that it is an exact copy, just that there is a definite influence that can be heard, as is the style of the drum that Garza uses when he is playing.

Secret Machines is an alternative rock band that started in 2000 but came back in 2020 after being away from the scene for a decade.

The major change that has people paying more attention to the drumming of Josh Garza is because now the band is a duo, instead of the threesome it started out as.

Josh Garza is not worried, as he has studied his craft and style all of his life. He considers Bonham to be the Jimi Hendrix of drums.

That influence has been heard ever since the release of the EP September 000 and their first gig.

While Secret Machines has changed, it does not mean that Josh Garza and Brandon Curtis are doing any less for their fans.

This new album is there for those that love them and want to hear their unique styling.

Few people talk about their love for Bonham anymore, which is yet another facet that this band brings to their music.

It allows people to remember the drummer that the world tragically lost in 1980 and shows their dedication to his craft by Josh Garza.

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