• February 19, 2022

Joseph Ashford Gives New Entrepreneurs Advice on How to Run a Successful Business

Joseph Ashford is a very successful entrepreneur and businessman based in Bournemouth, UK. Joseph Ashford is the founder of a very successful investment firm called K4 Global. Mr. Ashford is known in the marketing industry as a public relations guru. K4 Global has a diversified asset portfolio and is also home-based in Bournemouth, UK. In an interview with Tweak Your Biz, he opened up about his personal experiences as an entrepreneur and advised new up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Mr. Ashford points out that the focus of many new entrepreneurs is to generate income initially. If the entrepreneur has responsibilities such as a family, they may feel pressure to succeed immediately. So, it is essential before an individual starts a business to focus on where they can add value and if the product or service they are providing is in demand. If this base is covered and a quality product is brought to market, this is a good start for a new business owner. Joseph Ashford credits his success and the success of K4 global to him taking advantage of opportunities where he can maximize his expertise. He built his company to be profitable by helping other smaller companies grow and become more successful.

Mr. Ashford also advises new entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people who believe in their vision and the company’s mission. Hiring qualified and having the skills is very important, but if they don’t believe in the company’s vision or mission it might be shown in their work ethic. So, a new entrepreneur must try to hire people who have the same passion for the company as the owners themselves do. New business owners should also track the growth of their business, if not quarterly, at least yearly. This lets the business owner know if they are leading the company in the right direction. Refer to this page for additional information.