• July 17, 2022

 John Savignano Recap

CEO John Savignano Shares What Makes For A Good Accountant

John Savignano is the CEO of Bottom Line Consulting. His company helps New York City companies and high net worth individuals with consulting, research and tax compliance services. He’s also an adjunct professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Business, where he teaches accounting and tax courses. In 1983, he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting at St John’s University. A master’s degree in taxation was earned in 1991.

He recently shared several traits that accountants need to have to succeed. He said they need to enjoy being with other people. Many people think accountants only need to be good with numbers, but their people skills are also critical to their success. They do need to be passionate about math, however, as someone who enjoys working with numbers will do better than someone who doesn’t approach them with enthusiasm.

John Savignano said a successful accountant pays close attention to details. Just one misplaced decimal point can spell disaster for someone who works in this field. Other areas they need to be detail-oriented about include compliance, tax structure and regulations.

A great accountant enjoys teaching, he said. One that is successful will explain processes and explain why certain choices are made. They also have a love for data sheet and worksheets. They don’t need to just understand things like this, but actually enjoy them.

He said successful people in this field enjoy learning new things. The field of accounting is always changing. Accountants need to learn about new things and current practices. He finished out his thoughts by saying they understand why integrity and ethics are very important. These are the traits that accountants are sought out for. While an accountant might have great credentials, it’s the trust they engender that is most valued. Check out ideamensch.com to read full interview by John Savignano