• March 4, 2022

Insight on Wes Edens

Wes Edens started with receiving his Bachelor’s degree before he dived into the corporate role. From there he became the partner/ managing director of Black Rock which resulted in the Asset Investors. Wes dibbled a little within Lehman Brothers as well so his background does define him and his skill level. Now he is the founder and co-chairman for Fortress Investment Group LLC, which is a 62 billion dollar company located in New York. A company is known worldwide especially within Milwaukee. There are several news articles of Wes Edens’s affiliation with the Milwaukee Bucks including the Bucks arena layout years ago. He made sure that everything ran smoothly with no mess-ups. Nothing that raises an eyebrow or has anyone to look at him differently. From the information I have gathered Mr. Edens appears to be a well-known and respected individual. 


 Mr. Edens is looking into the future of transportation, o a lifelong headache it has been I am sure. A thing that has been talked about for so long but nothing has been proven or shown, just words no action. Edens invested $9 billion towards railways connecting many cities such as Orlando to Miami. No longer will we have the option to either drive which takes a lot of gas or take a plane to get to our destination which involves TSA and several additional airport hassles. Once the plan is complete we can add train travel to the list; a chance to just sit back and admire the views even get the experience that you only see in movies. Edens is a planner, organizer, and thinker. He makes sure that everything has a structured plan that is followed thoroughly from beginning to end. The excitement of waiting to see the things Mr. Edens creates or expands.