• November 26, 2021

InfraBuild CEO, Vik Bansal Trusts the Post-Pandemic Growth Patterns of the Australia’s Manufacturing Industry

The novel coronavirus crisis has troubled the supply chain systems by causing unprecedented stress. Many aspects have triggered this happening especially high demand, coronavirus-associated labor shortages, as well as inadequate raw materials. The pandemic began with restrictions of global shipping stations that have now spread out to the whole supply chain system to distribution and storage centers.

The overwhelmed structures create stress and also force the developed states to reassess their dependencies. Australia is among these countries. Even though things are normalizing all over the world, the repercussions of the struggling manufacturing industry are still evident. However, even with these weaknesses, opportunities still lark, and Vik Bansal bears a similar perception.

Vik is InfraBuild’s CEO, a steel manufacturer, recycler, and distributor. Over his spell there, Vik Bansal transformed the investment as well as the waste control industry. He advocated that Australia establish a recycling substructure that would trigger a circular economy. Vik’s aspirations resemble Australia’s manufacturing industry, and through hard work, it can advance in strength to accomplish self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Vik Bansal believes that the crisis has showcased how Australia made the manufacturing business languish detrimentally. In the beginning, the industry had many people working there unlike today where the ratio has drastically reduced. In 1970, this industry was accounting for 30% of the country’s GDP, but today it has lowered to a mere 6%. Australia was exporting raw materials to boost the value, but these days, the relevant companies import.

Vik Bansal’s Detailed Profile

Bansal became the Managing Director and CEO of Cleanaway in 2015 after joining in August. Vik’s executive exposure is approximately two decades with responsibilities in the US, Asia, and Australia. Bansal’s track record stretches into some of the biggest organizations where he has impacted through transition, advancement, and improvement. Before joining Cleanaway, he served as Valmont Industries’ COO and president.

Original source to learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/18730681