Brain Training from Neurocore Offers a More Permanent Solution for Depression and ADHD

People who live with ADHD often have an impaired quality of life. This is especially true for children who have difficulty staying focused in a learning environment. A company called Neurocore has developed a more permanent solution to conquering the lack of focus people with ADHD often have. Their solution is to train the brain through biofeedback. A recent online article highlighted the results an eight-year child who was diagnosed with ADHD received after going through the biofeedback treatment. His mother describes it as a 180 degree difference in his ability to focus. Read more about Neurocore at

The process of biofeedback has been used by experts in the medical field for several decades. It has been shown to be an effective tool in controlling conditions such as high blood pressure and migraine headaches. The brain training program used by Neurocore is not just capable of helping people with ADHD, but it can also help people who suffer from depression. The purpose of Neurocore’s brain training is to help empower people through the use of biofeedback so that they can manage their own level of focus. It is through the use of their comprehensive training program that people can learn to manage the focus of their attention for the rest of their life. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The specialized method of training used by Neurocore incorporates the medically proven technique of biofeedback with the brain training visual of neurofeedback. This process allows patients to see a chart of their neural activity during periods when their brain is unfocused and when it is focused. The biofeedback portion of the training involves controlled breathing exercises that have a direct impact on the amount of focus the brain has. When the controlled breathing is combined with neurofeedback, patients can see the actual effect it has on their brain mapping activity.

The process of training the brain to overcome conditions that directly impact the quality of life a person has, is an established form of repetition and reinforcement. While connected to electrodes that pick up the impulses of the brain, patients sit in a quiet room watching a movie that automatically pauses and shrinks any time the brain loses focus. This immediately draws the person’s attention back to the screen. Neurocore’s founder, Dr. Tim Royer, describes the process of brain training as an alternative solution to managing conditions such as depression, anxiety and ADHD in a manner that often allows patients to stop taking prescription medications.


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