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Jeremy Goldstein: Why EPS Is Advantageous

EPS, or earnings per share, is a scheme that is being implemented in several companies across the United States, and its primary objective is to give the employees working for the specific company some shares as an incentive. This is … Continue reading

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Brain Training from Neurocore Offers a More Permanent Solution for Depression and ADHD

People who live with ADHD often have an impaired quality of life. This is especially true for children who have difficulty staying focused in a learning environment. A company called Neurocore has developed a more permanent solution to conquering the … Continue reading

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Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a mathematician whose major expertise is in the field of pure mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia He received his Doctorate of Philosophy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, after majoring … Continue reading

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