Gregory Aziz And The Evolution To Safety-Based Solutions Of Railcar Industry

Railcar industry is one of the most complex industries in the transport sector considering the challenges it faces and diverse needs of its customers. The primary challenge in the industry in the safety measures of the industry in its solutions that defines the customer centricity. Since the railcar industry solutions are used by various chemical and oil industry players, safety and quality become most crucial in their priorities. This was clearly understood by the prominent railcar industry executive, Gregory Aziz. As the Chairman of the leader of Railcar Industry in North America, National Steel Car, he led a revolution in the area almost two decades back.



It was a fairytale story for the Railcar maker from Canada since Gregory J Aziz acquired it in the year 1994. Before acquiring the firm, Aziz understood that the company was once the leader in North American freight car sector but lost its market share due to lack of innovation and structured operation. He also identified that the firm has excellent engineering expertise and has a great culture of wonderful teams. Gregory James Aziz utilized these factors along with investing significantly in the workforce as well as equipment capacity, which is found to be critical in turning the fortunes of National Steel Car in the later years.



With the active leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the freight car maker significantly improved its production capacity to 12,000 units from just 3,000 within five years. Similarly, its employee strength touched 3,000 during the same period; it was just 600 in 1994. The efforts of Aziz gifted back the industry leadership to National Steel Car, and since then, the firm is the leading player in transitioning the industry in everything from quality to diverse product solutions. In 2014, Greg Aziz implemented next-gen regulations for quality as well as quality to address the changing needs of its customers. This finally forced the North American governments to accept a policy for the entire industry to make the safety and security next level.



James Aziz comes with an expertise of more than 45 years in a number of industries such as investment banking, wholesale food business, and railcar industry. His initial assignment was Affiliated Foods in the year 1971. It was his family’s wholesale food venture, and Aziz helped it to grow its distribution network across North America. He also worked with some of the reputed investment banks in the Wall Street before taking up the National Steel Car challenge. See Related Link for additional information.

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