Gregory Aziz and his Leadership over National Steel Car

National Steel Car, started up over a century ago, is based in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. The current owner of the manufacturing company is Gregory James Aziz who has assumed full leadership of the corporation as its Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer.



The leadership of Gregory James Aziz took National Steel Car quite far in only five years. Both the production capabilities and the workforce of the company more than doubled, and so Aziz was recognized for his accomplishments. The National Steel Car made a decisive comeback to its line of work and started leading the chart once more.



Now, 26 years later, the business is booming and establishing new production plants and expanding its operations. The company is working with clients outside of Canada, having turned its view to the United States of America. National Steel car is currently working on long-term partnerships and orders as the company will be designing and manufacturing hundreds of railroad transportation cars for a US-based company.



Gregory J Aziz has proven to be a strong leader of the National Steel car. When he first assumed leadership for buying the company from m=former owner Dofasco, National Steel Car was in need of a lot of care and nurture. The company had had to let people go periodically and downsize further and further to stay alive.



Downsizing, however, is the opposite of what James Aziz started doing once the company was his. Instead, he started hiring people and finding new investors. Greg James Aziz also increased the capacity of the National Steel Car to produce units from 3 500 to 12 000 in only five years.



Greg James Aziz has had some previous experience in business and growth. He was working at Affiliated Foods, a global importer of foodstuff. The business belonged to his family, and Greg Aziz saw it transform from a local company to a global one.



One of the most critical things for a company is to give back to its community. The National Steel Car had been isolated from community-based events and activities for years before Greg James Aziz came into play. Now, the manufacturing corporation is heavily involved in philanthropy and sponsoring local events in education, arts and culture, and sports. See This Article for more information.



The Christmas fundraising gala that the National Steel Car hosts every year is quite popular. The company donates thousands every Christmas and also fills up local bod banks and volunteer at local shelters.

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