Joel Friant Relaunches His Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies during his career. His professional career began in real estate. He was a real estate agent and also worked on customer’s home remodeling projects. After a few years he entered the restaurant industry and ran a Thai food restaurant. While working in his restaurant he developed a product he named The Habanero Shaker. It was sold in grocery stores in the state of Washington and did pretty well. Once he had proved the concept he went back to real estate.

When Joel Friant re-entered the real estate industry he opened a company where he bought foreclosed homes. He fixed the homes up and then sold them. This process is called house flipping and people can do very well at it when they know what they are doing. He then became a mortgage broker. His ability to close loans made him the top salesperson at his location. He went on to open up new offices for another company which was involved in lending mortgages.

When the real estate market collapsed in 2008 Joel Friant researched why people are successful in life, both professionally and personally. He wrote a number of articles on the subject that appeared in publications around the world. He also learned about how to sell products online and during this time he thought once again about the Habanero Shaker.

It was in 2012 that Fryant launched The Original Habanero Shaker. It is sold exclusively on Amazon. It is made in the United States and only contains 100% habanero flakes with no fillers. He says that his competing products are usually mixed with salt and/or less expensive spices. He finds that the dried version is not too hot, like the liquid kind can be, but he says it retains all of the flavor.

Joel Friant says that The Original Habanero Shaker makes a great alternative to Tabasco sauce. It’s spicier and much more flavorful. It’s also very healthy and it contains high amounts of capsaicin. Capsaicin can help you speed up your metabolism and feel better and calmer.

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