How Waiakea Water Helps the Body Achieve Optimal Alkalinity Levels

The bottled water industry is a big business, being valued on a global level at $100 billion. Over the last few decades bottled water went from, “Why would I ever buy that?” to, “I only drink bottled water” for many people. There are brands that are rather pedestrian while other brands bring a lot more to the table and are premium in nature. The premium brands have things about them like naturally occurring minerals or added vitamins.
Waiakea Water is a premium brand of bottled water. Like other brands it has naturally occurring minerals in it. However, one of its key selling points is that it is naturally, not artificially, alkaline. 7 pH is the cutoff when it comes to alkalinity. Anything less than that is acidic while everything over 7 is alkaline. The Waiakea brand of water is naturally somewhere between 7.6 pH and 8.2 pH. This makes it a very healthy water as the human body is at its best when it is around 7.4 pH which Waiakea Water helps to achieve.

Being better for the environment is another way that Waiakea Water is different from other brands of bottled water. Far too many of the bottles end up in the environment because some people are just plain lazy and don’t care about the effect their actions have on the environment. Due to this, the entire Waiakea Water bottle is made of recycled bottles in order to keep down the amount of waste. They’re also coming out with a new bottle that will break down in just 15 years versus other brands which take around 1,500 years for their bottles to finally decompose.
Another way that Waiakea Water helps the environment is how they ship their water. Due to the fact that they use low-emission trucks the company has been certified as Carbon Neutral. Additionally, they are a socially aware company. Around 3% of the firm’s profits are donated. Some of this money goes to local community programs while the rest supports national and international charities. It’s for all these reasons that sales of the Waiakea Water brand have been skyrocketing in recent years.
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