Igor Cornelsen an Investor Assisting Other Investors in the Brazilian Market

The country of Brazil has their economy flourishing again and it is a good place for investors to get back into the financial sector. One of these investors is Igor Cornelsen who waited for an opportunity like this for the benefits of investing. Since Brazil’s economy is back investors are seeing positive gains and to add to this there is China.

Before investing in a foreign property market there are things that should be realized and what to expect. First, it requires putting money into a different country and with Brazil, there are some unique issues. Igor Cornelsen has explained these so investors are aware of the differences.

Currency Restrictions and Contacts

The first thing that should be realized is the currency restrictions in Brazil. They have controls for those who are not residents or a local business it will require finding a bank that is authorized to change the currency. Then there are multiple exchange rates that will be dependent on the type of transaction.

In Brazil, one of the things that important for investors is networking and it is filled with business people and entrepreneurs. Mr. Cornelsen said it is not difficult to network and about 25 percent of the people in Brazil between the ages of 18 and 64 are a self started business people.

Red Tape

The one thing that investors will find is that the Brazilian government has heavy regulations. That can cause difficulties since the business person can get tangled up in red tape. The regulation’s even with the market growth is still precarious at times because of the stiff regulations. This may seem odd since Brazil is just coming back from near economic disaster but be ready to handle the regulations when necessary.

This why Mr. Cornelsen says it is crucial to know the pros and cons of investing in the Brazilian market to be successful. As an example of the benefits and excitement for the investor Mr. Cornelsen went to Florida to golf and had to return to Brazil because he couldn’t stay away from the exciting advantages for investors now. His investment firm assists foreign investors in this changing economy in Brazil and to navigate investments. He says of his company investors are pleased with the investment strategies because they work and investors are getting in on this growing market.

Mr. Cornelsen has tips for investors to keep them from making expenditures in the Brazilian market. The one he feels most important is to connect with people in Brazil first and take their investment advice since this is more accurate advice than coming from outside of the country. This advice can include information about navigating the government’s red tape that can stall investments. Be prepared for high taxes and a restrictive labor market without having the information to make informed investment decisions. Learn more:https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1


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