Betsy Devos Has Worked Her Entire Life For Education Reform

Betsy Devos is well known for her activism for education, as well as her philanthropy to support education. She got started in supporting education because she wanted to help out other parents who were struggling to provide their children with the education that they deserve. That is why she started a scholarship to help parents out. She believes that the public school system has many problems. It is good for some children, but other children will fail in the public school system. There is no reason why private schools should not be considered for education. The only problem is that they cost more. When she realized that her scholarship fund did not do enough to address the core of the problem, she decided to get into activism so as to help out more parents. That is why she got involved in the school choice movement.


She served on the board of two charities. They both worked to promote school choice and vouchers for private schools. She and her husband were both involved in passing the first charter school bill in the State of Michigan. They also tried to change the state constitution so as to allow tax credits and vouchers for private school, but they were not successful. Still, they managed to improve in many states. Michigan, however, is a great example of why private schools should be helped out, as there are many families who are low income and who can not afford to send their kids to private schools, yet their kids are struggling with the limited educational resources available in public schools.


Betsy Devos has been the chair of the Republican Party in Michigan for four straight terms. She started the Great Lakes Education Project, which is a project to promote educational reform and expand private schools. It was a huge success. She was pushed by many people she knew to start doing it on a national level. So that is why she got started with promoting national education reform.


That was the catalyst for the American Federation for Children. This organization was made up of a number of key organizations that were promoting educational reform. They decided that they needed to work together in order to get more things done. They knew that by collaborating and putting together their resources, they would be able to make a much bigger change when it comes to education.


According to Betsy Devos, her biggest success has been Florida. It now has fifty thousand students attending the school that is right for them, and this number is only growing. It is all thanks to that state’s voucher program. Of course, it is also thanks to the hard work of Betsy Devos.


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