Meet Dr. Mark Holterman; a Specialist in Pediatric Surgery and General Surgery

The health sector is improving at a high rate. Many specialists are coming up with much knowledge to combat many challenging diseases. Also, technology is playing a significant role in the research as well as in the treatment of various diseases. Dr. Mark Holterman is a specialist in pediatric surgery and general surgery based in Illinois. He is a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.


Dr. Mark has an experience of over 29 years in the medical industry. He is a member of professional medical organizations such as American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons ( Mark is an attending pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois as well as Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mark researches much about regenerative medicine, cell therapies as well as novel cancer treatments. His impact in the surgery sector is felt, and he is a reputable surgeon in Illinois.


Dr. Mark Holterman has been very instrumental in publishing research on cellular repair, regeneration, differentiation, and reprogramming. Through a collaboration of CellR4 medical journal and Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (which he co-founded), information on health discoveries in science and cell therapies are published. Through the publishing, vital health information is shared with the public. It is an avenue where doctors can source information while sharing what they have discovered.


Dr. Mark is also a CEO and chief medical officer at Mariam Global Health (Ideamensch). As a professor of pediatrics and surgery, he ensures that program of clinical excellence is of great importance to students as well as the medical industry as a whole. These programs engage in providing comprehensive medical care as well as multilevel professional education to students. Dr. Mark is an advocate for child health. He works very hard to ensure the clinical excellence program is improving the standard of health across Illinois.


Dr. Mark Holterman has also received many awards due to his excellence in the surgery sector. American Diabetes Association awarded him with Innovative Research Award for his contribution towards managing diabetes type 2 in young individuals. Dr. Mark is highly educated as he attended Yale University for a degree and later joined the University of Virginia for Ph.D. and MD.

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