A Review Of The Career Of The Founder Of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a visionary leader, board member, and chief executive officer. In addition, Glen is a shrewd entrepreneur and mentor. Wakeman has vast experience in business development and P&L roles. Moreover, the executive has over 21 years of management experience.

Glen is passionate about building business through improvement of the company and personal agility (https://forexwizard.biz/2017/10/03/ceo-glen-wakeman-and-the-art-of-entrepreneurship/). Wakeman builds innovative businesses by using proven methodologies that evaluate and improves five major dimensions of performance. These methodologies focus on leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.

In his vast career, Wakeman has been known for his entrepreneurial spirit, business strategies and mentorship (BusinessWire). His work involves the development of M&A’s, creating new startup methodologies and offering guidance to startup companies. Wakeman is the CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings. The company offers fully- automated software services, which allows early-stage entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into workable plans.

The automated software has a national user base and is on a growth trajectory. LaunchPad Toolkit is supported by insightful literature information along with suggestions showing the direction that entrepreneurs should strive to follow as they create their firms. The toolkit is supported by a far-reaching ecosystem of capital providers and experienced advisors.

In addition, Wakeman is the founder and president of Nova Four. This business accelerator offers strategic advice and access to capital to entrepreneurs seeking to create their companies. Moreover, Wakeman engages in coaching CEO’s onboard duties as a way of sustaining growth in their companies.

As an investor and writer, Wakeman has been able to share his insight through regular blog posts on multiple subjects. Over the years, he has written authoritatively on management and administration, fiscal matters, leadership, business transformation as well as global affairs, strategy and emerging markets. Wakeman has mentored many C-level executives. Presently, he counsels DreamFunded and Sitter Bees. Owing to his vast experience in the financial industry, Glen offers advice on the various techniques of raising capital.

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