Views Of Jorge Moll On Role Of Technology In Promoting Medicine

Jorge Moll Neto is serving as the President of the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching. Hence his views on technology revolutionizing patient care as well as treatment are listened to by all.


Jorge Moll states that innovation is an ally to health today. This is a trend that has spread worldwide. Now no one talks about advances in the healthcare industry without mentioning the benefits which are being provided by technology. This is especially being seen in the Silicon Valley and its neighboring areas. The advances being made in the digital technology arena have now overflown into the healthcare segment too. Jorge Moll explains how all this has opened new horizons for the healthcare industry.


Dr. Albert Chan, Vice-President of Innovation, Sutter Health, came to Brazil and explained how they have been trying to include the use of new technologies in its routine healthcare.


He spoke about the major trends in this field. Jorge Moll has even explained how implementing technology has transformed how the patients are taken care of. This means that there is no need to go for a routine appointment with a doctor with all the documents. Jorge Moll tells about a tool which will help the doctor to retrieve all the information about a patient from a single voice command. In fact, Google Glass has been used already for this purpose.


Jorge Moll states that individual patient data can be used in order to customize the treatment for them. Using this technology in healthcare has a lot of benefits ( These include providing a highly efficient as well as humanized interaction that can now take place between doctors as well as patients. Jorge Moll says that this allows complete focus on the patient. This is because the doctor will not have to focus on consulting files or on taking notes during the consultation. Complete focus of the doctor will be on the patient only. This will also lead to much higher safety as well as depth in medical evaluation (Scholar.Google). Jorge Moll further states that all the information which is collected gets structured remotely and enhances productivity.


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