Hussain Sajwani is a popular name in the world. The businessman is much respected in Dubai too, especially because of his numerous accomplishments in business. Hussain Sajwani is the proud owner of one of the greatest and most powerful real estate companies in the entire world, known as DAMAC Properties. The company was introduced into the competitive real estate market by Hussain Sajwani several years ago, and it has grown significantly to become one of the most successful in the market. Before starting the company, the businessman was working in the hospitality industry, and he was already very successful. This success, however, did not come in a silver platter.


When growing up, Hussain Sajwani was an ordinary young man who wanted to grow up and earn a six figure salary just like all the other people in the corporate world. Although his parents were not too wealthy, they chose to take their son to some of the best schools in the country so that he could get access to the best education. His father operated a small shop in Dubai, while his mother was a small businesswoman. When Hussain was not studying at the school, he spent most of his free time helping his parents in their business, and this helped to grow his entrepreneurial skills. Learn more:


After completing his education in Dubai, the DAMAC owner decided that he was going to study for his education in Washington. Travelling to the new destination has been instrumental in the successful career of the businessman. After completing his degree in economics, Hussain decided to start a hospitality company that would focus on making quality meals to consumers in several countries. Under his leadership, the food company was very successful, and it gave him the wealth he needed to invest in other departments. Learn more:


Several years ago, the government of Dubai announced that it was going to allow foreigners to own and manage land in the country. Hussain saw a great business opportunity, and this is why he decided to start a real estate company that would offer the foreigners accommodation. The success of his first luxury hotel motivated the businessman to work even harder to come up with several other projects. The Hussain Sajwani family has been very successful in the real estate world, and it has earned the respect of many people from all over the world.


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