How Louis Chenevert Stamped a Legacy at UTC as its Frontman

Louis Chenevert has accomplished a lot in his career. The French-Canadian attended the University of Montreal where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management. He began his career at General Motors where he spent more than a decade before Pratt and Whitney. The latter is one of the business units under United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He spent six years here before being promoted to president of the division in 1999.

Seven years later, Chenevert rose further to become Chief Executive Officer at UTC. Making him, CEO proved to be the right call as he perfectly guided the $100 billion conglomerate. Chenevert became the envy of other executives because he was able to achieve what most would never achieve within a year. One of his first actions as CEO was to midwife the acquisition of Goodrich in a deal worth over $18 billion. It took a full year of intense negotiations to achieve this.

Chenevert’s leadership entailed investing in people as well as the most advanced technology available. He applied this principle not only as CEO but also when he served in junior positions. Chenevert emphasized that by doing this, progress in the organization would be a guarantee and true to his word, it worked out that way. One of the ways through which he applied this principle was by focusing on UTC’s Employee Scholar Program which helps advance the training of employees.

Over 40,000 employees have attained degrees globally with over 1 billion dollars being injected into the program. The more educated employees then multiplied their productivity at UTC. Chenevert also helped UTC with his forward-thinking capability. This enabled him to select highest potential projects for the company and inspire employees to ensure the success of the projects.

One of the major highlights of Chenevert’s UTC career was the ability to steer it during one of the most challenging times. His appointment coincided with a devastating recession, but he ensured objectives were met. Chenevert left UTC back at the end of 2014 handing over to Edward Kangas, who was a lead independent director then. Soon after leaving UTC, Chenevert becomes Exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division.


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