Securus Technologies Redefining Communication in Correction Facilities

Securus Technologies, located in Dallas, Texas, is a U.S technology company founded in 1986. We are one of the largest company that deals with the provision of different detainee services, the major one being communication. We are best renowned for the high-quality services that we provide to our clients. We have regional offices in different places including Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta where have offered employment opportunities to almost 1,000 people.


The company has its services in 2,600 correctional facilities so far in U.S, 2,200 in Canada and the Caribbean countries. As by July 2016, we had already invested $ 600 million in technologies to enhance the quality of our services.


In July 2016, we partnered with Harris Corporation on cell defender technology. Then in 2017, we revealed the wireless containment solution that we came up with to inhibit contraband cell phones that inmates use in jail to link up with mobile networks. For more than two decades, the correction industry has relied upon our services for communication purposes. We are still coming up with more diversification plans for the purpose of modifying the service to the benefit of the consumer. Therefore, Securus has implemented an innovative growth plan through the acquisition of other organizations that are offering products and services that are not merely based on communication. The initiative is meant to strengthen the stand of our position in delivering the service in the industry to even a higher level.


The quality personnel that we have, renders the company’s technology second to none. We are committed to being the best provider of our services and at the same time to maintain best customer service as we provide our services. It is our view that we will realize this through the provision of services like information management, investigation, inmate-self-service and monitoring products, and services.


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