How Waiakea Water is Making Waves with 100% Degradable Packaging

When it comes to bottled water there almost no options available that are even partially sustainable. With over 50 billion water bottles used each year, it can seem impossible to try and make even the smallest dent in over-consumption. It was for this reason that CEO Ryan Emmons felt he needed to make a change.

After discovering that his family had access to over 1 billion gallons of water from their family’s naturally volcanic aquifer, Ryan knew he had an opportunity to make a difference. He understood it wouldn’t be enough to use sustainable packaging, he had to deliver a superior product in some way. This is why he started the bottled water company Waiakea Water in 2012.

Initially, it seemed as though it would be impossible to provide a water that tasted great and provided some additional benefit above and beyond the average bottled water. This is where additional research came into play.

Since all the water is filtered through a single source, it was relatively simple for him to determine which beneficial minerals. Because the water is filtered through the Mauna Loa volcano, Waiakea features of mineral compass not found anywhere else on Earth. It is rich in electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium as well as an ideal amount of silica giving a unique mouthfeel not otherwise available on the market.

From here he realized he had a product that could compete with all the titans of the industry. It was at this point that CEO Ryan Emmons made certain to do the right thing and give back to the Earth that created his company.

Waiakea only uses water bottles that are completely degradable. Developing a bottle with these features prove to be a bit difficult to accomplish without harming the quality of the water. Eventually, this sustainable, completely recycled water bottle design was completed and ready to be taken to market.

Today the business is going strong and selling across the country. It’s reassuring to know that we finally have a viable, completely sustainable, and carbon-neutral bottled water option for when we can’t pre-filter and pack water from home.

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