Dr. Avi Weisfogel Is Introducing New Routines and Habits at Dental Sleep Masters

There always comes a time that things must change, and for some that change is the best thing that could happen to them, including Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He made a change from being a regular dentist to now spending much of his days learning about the new advances in sleep technology and informing other doctors about them. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters where he conducts seminars and live video sessions about different sleep topics, and he even told Ideamensch a little about his work.

For Dr. Weisfogel, everything starts from the morning on out from having his spiritual sessions to learning from his life coach how to manage his time. From there his day takes off and he might be busy planning events, in a conference call with a client or just busy bringing the next idea to light on his notepad. He said one of the most brilliant innovations someone could come up with is an app that could understand what he’s spoken about and organize his words into outlined notes.

Dr. Weisfogel initially chose dentistry as his career because it mixed a passion for understanding part of the human body with understanding the human mind. He grew up in Newark, NJ the son of a cardiologist and performed great in academics in his schools. He was accepted to Rutgers University and he graduated with dual majors in biology and psychology. He then decided to go to the NYU dentistry college to get his DDS, and by 1997 he had completed his training and licensing to practice dentistry in New Jersey.

At Old Bridge Dental Care, he was highly regarded by patients for maintaining a friendly atmosphere and taking the time to understand their needs, and he was reviewed as the Best Dentist twice by dental associations. Seven years into his career, he began looking at sleep science and saw a whole new world with a market demand that few people were considering. In 2010 he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, and by 2014 Dental Sleep Masters was now his primary focus. Today, he also helps other medical foundations with fundraising including Operation Smile founded by Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen.

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